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Custom Ties Service

1.Tie Designs

Basically tie has two kinds of designs which include:

1) strip& logo or pure color, like follows, these patterns can be woven

Custom Ties 


2) Other irregular designs with no repeat or circle, like follows, these patterns will be printed

Custom Ties 


3) Difference between woven ties and printed ties

The main difference is that the fabric for a printed tie is made up of the same fabric which is directly printed on to form the color patterns.  A woven tie, however, is made up of various colored fibers that form a pattern. 

2.Fabrics: How to choose it

We offer many kinds of fabric for ties which include

Silk , Polyester, wool, Cotton, Linen

Silk and polyester are widely used,as they are more durable and elegant than other three fabrics, the wool cotton and linen are easy damaged and difficult to maintain

Choosing fabrics basically is based on the usage and budget, for example, if the ties are for promotional use in like shop,bank,school, museums, clubs and lodges, restaurants, airlines,...then you can choose polyester fabric, it is imitated silk, much cheaper with silk hand felling

If it is for personal use in like party,business conference, then silk will be best choice, much more elegant

If you don’t have an idea of how to choose the fabric, please contact with us, we can offer some professional suggestions make sure you get your wanted ties

 Custom Ties


3.Ties Sizes

2 inch is for the true risk takers looking to change the trends, try the difference and get focus.

2.5 inch is the classic skinny width that's ideally suited (no pun intended) for slimmer jacket silhouettes and lapels.

3 inch is the perfect in-between width for the average-sized guy who wants something a bit more modern.

3.25 inch- 3.5 inch is best for larger guys aiming for a more traditional look.



Sample is needed and suggested before mass production,it can help to confirm if that is the tie you want, the color, the fabric, the craft,but if you have no time for samples, we can directly go to mass order,but certainly a photo is needed to confirm,sample time:7-10 days


 Digital Printing: digital printing is the latest technology for printing textiles,directly print designs one fabric, The printers are similar to the ink jet printer printing on paper, can well print small complex details on fabric with low minimum quantity and low sample cost 

► Woven: woven ties are created by tightly weaving together threads of different colors on a loom. The various color fibers form a pattern.Woven can only suit the repeat pattern better no more than 4 colors


1.Machine stitch or hand sewed

Popular is hand sewed,hide the thread,looks more beautiful 


Custom Ties 



Making custom labels with your own logo and sew it on the tie

Custom Ties 


3.Embroidery logo or Printed logo

Embroidery the logo on the tie, make it looks more special

Custom Ties 


4.Minimum Quantity



Minimum Quantity


 Silk  Polyester Wool Cotton




5.How to Order

Custom Ties 



The ties will be packed into polybag, if you need order custom ties as promotion or gift,we can offer custom printed gift box and put the ties into box  

Custom Ties 



Fast Shipping 100kgs Below : DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT Etc 5 days (Door to Door )

Fast Shipping 100 kgs above : By Air Flight ( Airport to Airport) 5days

Slow Shipping : By Sea 20-30 days ( Seaport to Seaport)

we can deliver at reasonable cost directly as the time .


Custom tie prices are based on the design, fabric,size and quantity, if you need an accurate price,please offer these details, you can directly contact us through phone call, email,whatsapp, wechat  or skype