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The Recovery Of The World Economy And The Lack Of Thailand Textile Workers
- May 16, 2018 -

According to Thailand's World Daily reported in April, the head of the Thailand textile industry development agency, Willa said that the textile industry in Thailand has begun to grow. Thailand textile exports rose by 35% in the first quarter of 2010, especially the export of cloth by 30%. The total export growth rate of the textile industry this year is up to 15%. It's less than 7 billion 200 million dollars.

Because of the soaring prices of rice and sugar cane, skilled workers and ordinary laborers have returned to their native land, and the prices of agricultural products have risen, and these workers are reluctant to go back to the industrial sector.

The revival of the global economy has resulted in an increase in orders and export commodities for operators, resulting in a shortage of labour in some industries, especially in the textile, footwear and electronics industries. It is estimated that there will be no shortage of workers in the production sector of not less than 20-30.

Kadiye, chairman of the electronics and electronics industry group, said that orders received in the fourth quarter of 2009 have increased to make operators have to lengthen overtime, and some factories have to increase employment, especially the electronic factories need to increase the employment of 10 thousand workers because of the rapid increase in orders and the provision of delivery time, leading to manufacturers. It is necessary to increase the charge and increase the number of workers.


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