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What Is Lace Lace? The Application Of Lace Lace
- May 19, 2018 -

Lace, English lace, an imported product, mesh organization, was first knitted by hand. Europeans and Americans use a lot in women's clothing, especially in evening dresses and wedding dresses.

In eighteenth Century, European Court and aristocratic males were also used extensively in cuffs, collar and stockings.

In the early nineteenth Century, the imperial style women's dress, the popular romantic fashion, or the later Kerrey and Bhathal's women's dress, were not inferior to the previous first Century in the use of lace.

In the early twentieth Century, the new art style fashion became more and more intensified, and some "waterfall like" floral laces were decorated on the S shaped skirt.

In the past more than 200 years, the demand for lace is so large in Europe, which has been added with dagger, and many undeveloped countries in the world have made handmade lace for them, including China. In the early 19th Century and 20th Century, the Xujiahui area of Shanghai was an important processing area for hollowed lace, where the family of Fengtian bishops was almost a lace workshop.

A brief introduction to the making of lace

Lace first appeared in the United States.

The making of lace is a very complicated process. It is made up of silk thread or yarn according to a certain pattern. It is not like some traditional lace of China is made of hook or embroidery. When making, you need to put the silk thread on a small shuttle, and each shuttle has only thumb size. A less complex pattern requires dozens or hundreds of such small shuttles, and a larger pattern requires hundreds of small spindles. When making, put the patterns on the bottom and make different patterns according to the pattern. A less complicated pattern requires a skilled female worker to spend a month or more to complete. Because the way of knitting is different from person to person, lace works are usually done by oneself, so every lace is unique.

Usually, the lace should be dyed after finishing, and the advanced lace should be dyed first. These hand-made lace are used in some high fashion or royal household products, which are rarely seen by ordinary people. Now the lace products, because of the exquisite route, take the way of Global Limited production, each batch of lace products are to be registered, and sold out, it will not be produced again, so in foreign countries, favored by the aristocracy. The so-called "lace" used in clothing today refers to all kinds of lace, mostly produced by machines.


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