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Women Silk Scarves
- May 15, 2018 -

MM is a importan point for choosing women silk scarves, MM means the weight of silk,in general, the larger the mm, the more expensive the fabric. 16mm represents 68.8896 g/sqm =16mmx4.3056(coefficient). Larger in mm, the texture is thick in the fabric. In addition, the organization and post-processing of silk fabrics will also affect the texture. Silk yarns will produce different silk fabrics through different weaving techniques, such as silk twill,satin,chiffon,georgette,crepe de chine,habotai and etc. In addition, silk fabrics must be post-processed, such as bleaching, sand washing, dyeing, printing, etc., which will affect the texture and hand feeling. Therefore, in determining the quality of women scarf, in addition to mm, from the silk surface, the color of the printing and dyeing and the pattern should be considered. Generally between 10MM-14MM is the first choice for digital printing scarves,too heavy fabric digital printing  has no good rever side color.