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Digital Printing Factory

1) Fabric Checking 

Before Printing ,fabric is white,should be checked carefully .Any dirty mark or damages will cause a defective proudct. Fabric checking is primary and most important 

2) Sizing Machine For Silk Fabrics

For digital printing ,we should size a kind of glue on the surface of fabric .So it can keep the color stick on the fabric and not scatter or bleeding on the white fabric. Make sure patterns come out same as your design  

3) Digital Printing Machines

After sizing ,fabric can be digital printing . It work like digital printer as we printing a paper or photo . Just change the fabric to be the sized silk or other textile fabric

Most important for digital printing

1) Machine ,steady and accurate printing is the key,2-color, 4color, 8 color,CMYK colors combine to be the colors as your design ,the more colors .Color difference and permeating is the problem of digital printing, We

use the high quality 8 color machine to make sure the colors bright and closed as your design. And also we use  industry Inject Printing head (press harder and More powerful when printing ) ,So back side color can more similar as the frot side

2)Printing ink : Printing ink also decided the printing effect,most of factory use poor printing to save cost ,we use italy and korea imortanted ink to make the colors more bright and fast .So when you combine price ,should know the machine and prining ink they use ,even make a sample to compare . Because same named "digital printing" will have 1 -2$/pc price difference 


4) Steaming Machine 

After printing ,we put the fabric in the high-temperature (about 200 ℃)to make sure the color stick on the fabric and evaporate the inks to make the color more bright .

5) Washing Machine 

Washing away the extra inks and make the silk fabric feel soft and clean . Dye machine will make the fabric dry and clean . Printing have been finished till now .

After wash ,we will check again to make sure the good ones will be Cut and sewn the hemming 

If you have any question or interest,please Contact us 


Screen Printing Factory

1) Prepare Silk Screens

Silk Screens work like photo film Old camera .From this ,the design/pattern will remove to our screens 

2) Finished Silk Screens

You can see most of the parts have been blocked by glue ,leave the parts (white emptry color ) for 

pritning . One time printing one color.If your design have 4 parts, 4 different colors, that means 

we printing 4 times, each time one color.That is why hand screen printing samples cost is high

Screen cost .If one design have 10 colors, that means 10 screens should be made 

3) Silk Screen Platform

Flat form about 50meters ( Screen printing moq is high ) ,about 1.6cm meteter wide (we can print 1.4M

wider) with about 60℃ to make sure ink goes dry with no bleeding.This table plat for plus size silk 

scarves and also some printed wool ,linen ,modal ,viscose scarves.Two worker one team  press scraper 

blade hard and stably to make sure the color print well on the fabric . Screens on the fabric, print 

ink on the screens.That is why hand screen print can make the back side color well .

Silde table plat is for 90*90cm or smaller scarves ,it can be moved by only one person from 

upside to bottm 

4) Dyeing Machines

Dyeing is only for solid color,very easy ,just a bowil full of inks ,put the fabric into the ink .hours later, the white cloth fabric goes to be the color you want 

5) Washing Machines

Same way as digital printing washing 

6) Drying Machines


Hemming Factory

Scarves Hemming Factory

After printing ,we will cut the fabric to the sizes you want ,then sewn the hem , iron ,sewn labels or hang tags

then put in the polybag . 


After Q/C, your Scarves can be shipped out 

Any questions or suggestions will be appreciated, feel free to contact us :